Tuesday, June 18, 2013

In the "free box"

Old cookbooks are always interesting to me, so when this one was in the parish free box (a very random exchange of hopefully useful stuff) I picked it up.

Where else could I ever find recipes for mock venison, boiled lettuce, milk stew (with cod as the surprise ingredient), cheese jelly salad, and farina balls?  I could go on and on...

At least as interesting was the newspaper clipping inside:
The Sophomore class, under the leadership of the Catholic Action group of which Wilma Buschen is Chairman, sponsored a Triduum of Masses and Holy Communions for the intention of the Holy Father.  The Triduum began on December 5 and ended on December 7.  Now under consideration in the Sophomore group is a Novena for the parents of these students.  This novena is to be given as a Christmas present.  The Sophomores would like to have the entire school join them in this novena.  What better Christmas present could you offer your Mother and Father than this?"


Ladytats said...

interesting, both the book and the clipping. You seldom see Triduum used outside of Lent.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for sharing that. Old cookbooks are always a temptation for me, just to read the old recipes and notes in the margins. Sad to say that Triduums outside of Lent are rare in the average parish these days. Heck, many don't even do them in Lent. My parish is traditional and they have Triduums throughout the year for special Feasts. They just did one for Father's Day in fact. What a blessing.