Friday, June 17, 2011

A thought for the weekend

Considering this quote in the light of Catholic theology (i.e., that we are all meant to conform ourselves to God, who is the Creator) ought to give you more than enough to ponder for the weekend.

Myself, I've been feeling quite creative lately; something about the change of seasons always does that for me. I have a nearly-finished Father's Day present on my sewing machine, along with a shirtdress for summer dinner parties; several less-worn items in my closet are slated for reworking or embellishing to get them back into the rotation; the sprouts in my little garden are starting to look promising, and I'm hoping to tackle some home improvements in the near future.

What creative things have you slated for the coming week?


Margaret Mary said...

I have some gardening to do as well. I'm also working on helping Francesca develop a creative and efficient wardrobe for her three months in Rome this fall. This involves a little sewing and some very focused shopping. I may be temporarily distracted by my garage sale find of three vintage china teacups/saucers. (I feel a tea party coming...)

Lucy said...

With a September move on the horizon, I have been going through several catch-all areas. I cleaned out the hall closet and pantry, organized my recipes, and built this neat divider for my son's dresser which was turning into a sea of tiny clothes.

I'm also sewing a dress, finishing a cardigan that has been nearly a year in the making, and getting ready to go back to work after maternity leave.