Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Today's Word

Religious education classes have begun in my part of the world and that just reminds me again of how grateful I am for all those who have answered God's call to share their gifts by becoming a catechist.

Catechist (KA-teh-kihst) - One who instructs another in the Faith. The General Directory for Catechesis expands on this, reminding us that it is more than mere instruction, but the "task of the catechist [is] truly to help a person encounter God." (GDC 139)

No methodology, no matter how well tested, can dispense with the person of the catechist in every phase of the catechetical process. The charism gi
ven to him by the Spirit, a solid spirituality and transparent witness of life, constitutes the soul of every method. Only his own human and Christian qualities guarantee a good use of texts and other work instruments.

The catechist is essentially a mediator. He facilitates communication between the people and the mystery of God, between subjects amongst themselves, as well as with the community. For this reason, his cultural vision, social condition and lifestyle must not be obstacles to the journey of faith. Rather, these help to create the most advantageous conditions for seeking out, welcoming and deepening the Christian message. He does not forget that belief is a fruit of grace and liberty. Thus, he ensures that his activities always draw support from faith in the Holy Spirit and from prayer. Finally, the personal relationship of the catechist with the subject is of crucial importance. (GDC 156)

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