Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring Scarves

Long have I admired silk scarves and the women who wear them. My mother owns quite a collection that I always secretly admired as a little girl.

Today I own a couple scarves of my own, but always feel rather silly when I try to wear them - something like Lady when Jim Dear gave her to Darling for Christmas: a silly puppy with a bow bigger than my head.

Any fashion-savy lady will agree scarves are the perfect way to add color, pizazz, and style to an outfit. They are perfect for spring - a little bright color to match the excitement of the season, but also just a little warmth against the still-nippy air. Furthermore, scarves can be a delightful way to remedy the ever-so-slightly-immodest neckline of your favorite blouse.

Then there's the the scarf for your hair, your bag, or perhaps around your waist. So many options!

So how do you look like Grace Kelly and not like an over wrapped Christmas present?

My mother passed along this wonderful video from the clothing retailer and purveyor of fine scarves, Talbots. The fashion consultant in video demonstrates the basics of scarf wearing. She sure makes it look like a cinch.

Take a look and consider adding some classic, colorful scarves to your outfits this Eastertide!

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