Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Treasures

A Set of Bride's Tree Ornaments (from a fellow Church Lady)
Heart: The importance of love in the newly formed home
House: Good family shelter
Flower basket: Abundant beauty in the home
Basket of Fruit: A Christian spirit of selfless giving
Teapot: Hospitality
Bird in a nest: Confidence and happiness in the home
Pine cone: Eternity
Animal: Peace with nature
Fish: Christ
Rose: The Virgin Mary
Church or angel: The importance of family worship of God
St Nicholas: Generosity
[From Catholic & Loving It: Traditions for a New Generation]

A lamb cake pan, to celebrate Christ, the Paschal Lamb at Easter, Good Shepherd Sunday, St John the Baptist, St Perpetua & Felicity, St Agnes, and much more!

The TAN Saints Calendar:
Contains both the Ordinary and the Extraordinary liturgical year, feastdays and Sundays, and historical feasts Includes Catholic information such as the days of fast and abstinence, Ember Days and vigils. [product info]

Holy Toast:
The Holy Toast stamper is ideal for adding a touch of ecclesiastical elegance to snack time, and it's guaranteed to brighten up your breakfast, even if you decide to slop jelly all over it. After all, regular toast is about as visually interesting as the back of a pew. [product info]

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