Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What to give a priest

Check out Fr. Z's post and others' comments for ideas for priest's gifts. There are also some sewing tips in the combox.

Here are some excerpts:

-If you know anything at all about your priests, gift cards for shops appropriate to their needs or interests would be very welcome. That doesn’t mean that a group of people couldn’t pool their resources to get, for example, vestments or some other things priests may appreciate. But if you are simply trying to make a nice gesture and have no idea what to do, and you think cash is too "crass", the gift cards are handy.

-It is generally not a good idea to give a priest a vestment or chalice... The missions are filled with lesser quality vessels and vestments that were either given to priests or donated to parishes in memory of a loved one. I remember that the last parish I served in had 4 (not kidding) plain, polyester Rose chasubles that people had donated over the years because they wanted to give something “unique.”

-The past few years I have been giving my priest and deacons prepaid gas cards..sure helps with the considerable traveling they have to do.

The Church Ladies suggest don't overlook making Father something, such as a nice black sweater. Check out Ravelry for ideas. We also remind you of our well received gift basket of years past.

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