Thursday, October 23, 2008

Patron Saint of the Coffee Klatsch

"Any parish priest has to have a bit of the entrepreneur in him, but in November, McGivney came up with a new machine for pulling coins out of willing comers. It was a "coffee festival,"a novelty that combined one part coffee- always a high profit item- with desserts and a bit of entertainment. Under McGivney's direction, the women of the parish joined forces with his loyal troops from the [Total Abstinence & Literary Society] to open the coffee festival.

"Father McGivney could not miss any chance to bring in funds. Sometime in between celebrating Mass eight or ten times per week, hearing confessions, performing baptisms, and counseling the weak and troubled- those things he was taught to do in seminary- he opened a swinging nightspot in downtown New Haven.

"The coffee festival was supposed to run only one night, but because of the overwhelming attendance, it stayed open a week. It could have remained open indefinitely, as a going business, but Father McGivney did have to sleep at some point."
[Parish Priest: Father Michael McGivney & American Catholicism]

Father McGivney's Life & Legacy

In honor of Father McGivney, support one of these Catholic coffee companies.
Catholic Relief Services Fair Trade Coffee
Esther's Coffee
Monk Rock [with flavors such as St Paddy's Espresso!]
Mystic Monk Coffee
St Ignatius Gourmet Coffees [St Francis Xavier & Peter Claver blends!]

[Father McGivney image source: Knights of Columbus]

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Jacqueline DeCarlo said...

Thanks for the mention of the CRS Fair Trade coffee network! I just wanted to let you know that CRS is in partnership with more than a dozen coffee companies, all of which are fully committed to Fair Trade. These partners are also spread out across the United States so parishes can try to identify a company in their region. It is a way CRS Fair Trade tries to help communities promote global solidarity AND support local companies.

Happy Fair Trade month!