Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Ever Wonder What it Takes to Get Church Ladies Excited?

Well, Gianna emailed it. Then, Mary Liz posted it over at her place. But, as I have yet to see it come up here, I shall give you the sneak preview of:

Angelus Press's "Helpful Handbook to Laundering Liturgical Linens"

Now, aside from the alliterative title (Church Ladies do love alliteration), the content is enough to keep a Church Lady up at night double-checking the publisher's site to see if it hasn't come out yet.

Have a look at Fr. Z's entry for the scoop on what exactly is going to be featured in this useful volume, and see Mary Liz's post for some humorous thoughts on Schismatic Laundry, as well Dire Warnings as to What Can Happen if you fail to call a Church Lady for your linen laundering needs...

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