Friday, March 7, 2008

Confidential... the Altar Server who sent something home with me to be repaired during Spring Break: It's fine; it just needed a bit of love, some Woolite, and soft water.

p.s. You can thank Saint Veronica for your small miracle. Oh, and I may have promised her your first-born daughter.


Margaret Mary said...

Patron of laundry workers AND photographers? Sounds like a perfect match. (BTW - You didn't scrub some vague,smoky Image out of that cloth, did you?)

The Under-the-Weather Altar Server said...

Dear Ms. Gianna,

You are Church Lady Par Excellence. The Church Lady to surpass all living Church ladies. My praise is overflowing.

And whatever, what's a first-born daughter between friends?

If I die of this cold before I see you, know that I appreciate it.

(inflates cheeks)