Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Drawer organizers for a dime

While Therese was organizing her bobbins, I was tackling the sea of clothes that was my infant's dresser. I had seen an ad for beautifully papered inserts in a ladies' magazine, and recreated my own using decorative self-adhesive shelf paper and cardboard (the panels of a disposable diaper box were the perfect size.) I finished the edges with colored duct tape.

I organized the clothes in the following categories:

-long sleeved tops/onesies


-short sleeved onesies

-mix and match bottoms

-sleep apparel

Socks and hats are stored separately in baskets, but one could certainly include compartments for them as well.

I folded the clothes so that no sleeves, collars, tails, etc were loose, and placed them in the drawer like files in a cabinet (open side down). All pieces for an outfit were rolled inside the top. This has eliminated tangles and toppling. Outgrown apparel is immediately removed from the rotation.

If I was doing this again (especially for a child who picked out their own clothes) I would use two thicknesses of cardboard for added stability. But what a difference this has made!


Jeni said...

you don't realize this, but you wrote this post in answer to my organizing prayers! seriously though. :)

Lucy said...

It's also really helpful for when doting grandparents ask me what my child needs- just a glance in the drawer, and I can gauge.

Mary Liz said...

BRILLIANT! Thank you :-)

Steve said...

You may not realize it, but Dads like these ideas too, almost as much as I like the fact that your baby has a Red Sox shirt in there!