Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Pentecost Novena: Day Five

The Gift of Piety does not sound particularly attractive, until we realize that it infuses our hearts with a special kind of love, directed toward everything belonging and related to God all persons consecrated to His service — the Holy Father in Rome, bishops and priests, missionaries, nuns, and lay brothers — and all things set aside for God only, such as church and altar, chalice and monstrance, vestments, and the sacramentals in our home — rosaries, holy water, medals. This precious gift also makes us eager to devote time to the service of God. It helps overcome morning laziness when it is time for Mass. It makes us want to visit our hidden God once in a while in church. In other words, it instills the interest for the supernatural in our souls. How could we do without it!

[Around the Year with the Trapp Family]

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