Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Things I Get Excited About

Marisa over at Food in Jars has the word on the street that pint-and-a-half wide-mouth mason jars will be available for this canning season!
Doesn't it look lovely with the asparagus all lined up in there? These seem like the perfect size for canning whole or sliced fruit, or for use as kitchen canisters.

My current favorite jars are the half-pint wide-mouth; they're perfect for refrigerating things like homemade dips (no crannies for the hummus to hide in!), and, of course pies in jars.

I'd also love to get a case of the 12 oz. jelly glasses. They'd be adorable for filling with drinks for a picnic, like so:

For a listing of all the standard jars currently available in the U.S., see Marisa's field guide. What are your favorites? Or do you think I'm crazy for having favorites at all?


Margaret Mary said...

I love the Elite ones and actually had some in my cart last fall, but when it came down to it, I just couldn't justify the price. Sigh. I've never seen the quilted 12 ounce ones, but that looks like a great size and I love the straight sides. Also, as long as you mentioned it, we recently ate our first "pie-in-a-jars." I made a few with extra filling and crust at Thanksgiving and just pulled them out of the freezer before Ash Wednesday. They were PERFECT! Great size, great quality, and safely intact despite being bumped around for several months. I rewarmed them in the oven for 10 minutes or so before serving, but that was optional. I'll definitely be doing that again.

Thérèse said...

You rewarmed them in the oven; so did you bake them before freezing? I'm curious. I froze mine uncooked and then baked for 50 minutes, but if you could cut that to 10, it would be much nicer for on-a-whim pie eating.

Margaret Mary said...

I did pre-bake them until the crusts were just beginning to brown (clearly visible through the jars). The filling was completely cooked and we could've eaten them at that point. The reheat was just a bonus that I thought of at the last minute.

Lucy said...

I tend to use regular mouth half pints the most for family consumption, although I do can a few 4 ounce jars in every batch for gifts. I do have a dozen two quart jars, but I use them for storing dry ingredients- they ate too big for our current needs.


Anonymous said...

My dad collects vintage Ball jars, and so we have a collection of the cobalt blue and copper green ones. They're really pretty, although we don't use them for canning. For canning, the 1.5 pt wide mouth is perfect for that little bit of sauce that's not big enough for a full quart jar. It also makes a great glass on a hot day.