Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What's on your needles?

The weather's getting colder, Christmas is getting short, it's knitting season. So what's in your knitting (or crocheting basket) right now? I'll go first. I have a tendency to have more than one project going at once, and the holiday season just makes that worse. Here's what I've got going on:

Fingerless gloves to fill that gap between bare hands and all-out glovedness (and be usable for winter photography). I'm using sock yarn, which is fantastic to work with.

A Christmas present scarf. The recipient picked out the yarn, so I'm not spoiling anything by posting this picture, but the pattern itself is a surprise. I have to put in a plug for the yarn (Berroco Comfort), which is the nicest acrylic I've ever used.

A lace-patterned sweater (for myself!). The pattern is really easy, but it's been put aside for now in favor of gift knitting.

This has yet to be started, but will be a scarf/hat for a cousin.

So, what are you working now, for yourself or as gifts? Post in the comments below (feel free to link to a post on your own blog or a ravelry page). I can't wait to see what you're making!


Margaret Mary said...

I am currently knitting a frustrating sweater. I like the yarn and the gauge is fine, but for some reason the length is wacky and since it's knit from the bottom up I've completed a significant portion before discovering the problem. :-(
I'll pick it up again soon, but right now I've switched to an embroidery project.

Anonymous said...

I'm doing the ubiquitous Bella's Mittens in super chunky reclaimed acrylic. They are either HORRIBLE, or they're supposed to be like that. I'll have to wait for the first one to escape the needles, but they are suspiciously like goalie gloves. This does not bode well for gift knitting this year!

Lucy said...

I am knitting an Aran pullover for my husband for Christmas and a lace top for myself. I'm also going to start a bag for the cousin (whom we drew in the Christmas swap)

Lucy said...

And I'll agree with you on the Berroco Comfort- it's been a godsend for me with my wool sensitivities. I've used the worsted on many projects, and have the DK for DH's sweater.

Daniela said...

My first official visit to your ladies' lovely group, though I have attended often, standing silently at the proverbial back door.
I was recently inspired by an article in Crochet! magazine, by a man who hails from a knitting family. He found a stash of antique filet crochet patterns, and learned quickly that one cannot underestimate the dexterity and accuracy required of the art.

Truly an inspiration - the beauty and intricacy of filet crochet. Will pick up a hook soon.