Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thrifty Gifts - Movie Night Basket

This year, someone on my list will be receiving this movie night gift.
It includes:
  • A DVD ($5 from Wal-Mart)
  • Popcorn ($1.50 for a 3-pack, although I buy it by the case at a warehouse store, so it's significantly less)
  • Theater box candy ($1)
  • Popcorn boxes ($1 each at Target)
  • Container for everything ($1 at Target)
  • You get extra thoughtfulness points if you include a note explaining why you chose that particular movie.
  • It's always a nice idea to include the gift receipt in case the recipient already owns the movie you've chosen.
  • No craft skills necessary for this gift! :-)
  • This also makes a great date night or birthday gift.


Anonymous said...

I love your thrifty ideas! This movie night gift basket will be one idea I may use multiple times this year.

Margaret Mary said...

I hate to promote a particular store (especially a big chain), but I've seen those cute popcorn boxes at Target at various times throughout the year. They're a fun addition.