Monday, March 17, 2008

  • To whomever came to this blog searching for "church lady patterns", I can't help you out if you're looking for something like this, but I will advise you to look at Therese's post below to see what this spring's chic church lady is sporting in the kitchen.
  • To whomever was researching "church lady tea social": it's a highly recommended activity. In fact, I think I may just have to organize one next week. Maybe on Monday, when the Church Ladies are recovering from the Chivalrous Men's Dyngus Day celebrations…
  • To the lucky person who happened to need "ALTAR CROCHET VESTMENT patterns": best of luck finding something tremendous.
  • Also, there seem to be quite a few people looking for stain removal advice (especially red wine stains). Eek. Here's the original post with a few different strategies.

I could spend way too much time looking at the Sitemeter statistics….

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Margaret Mary said...

I'm in the process of organizing a tea social for Church Ladies and their daughters. As you know, Gianna, it's great fun! I'll follow up with some details soon.