Monday, March 17, 2008

Support Your Local Pastor!

Fr. Finigan at The hermeneutic of continuity brings tell of church ladies handing out holy cards to priests entering Chrism Mass at St. George's Cathedral, for the purpose of thanking them for their work and showing them support. What a fantastic effort! Even if you don't do something so organized, I want to encourage Church Ladies everywhere to take a moment this week to thank their priest (after all, you'll probably be seeing quite a bit of him this week).


Margaret Mary said...

This would be a great week to bring a frozen dinner to your priest or deacon. Perhaps some soup that just needed to be heated at his convenience and a loaf of fresh bread. Nothing says "thank you" like fresh bread!

Dymphna said...

After reading this I decided to include the Holy Father's quote in our Easter card to our pastors.