Saturday, January 8, 2011

Baby, it's cold outside!

It's below zero here in Minnesota, and I know some of the Church Ladies are in the middle of record snowfalls in northern Indiana so (in my opinion), whoever came up with the idea to declare January as National Soup Month had a flash of brilliance. The pot of vegetable chicken soup I made today warmed my kitchen and our tummies. It's great comfort food, and has the potential of being a lower calorie main dish after the richness of holiday food. Broth-based soups can often be made early in the day, or in a crock pot, and cream-based soups are often quick and easy. Soups freeze well and typically taste better the next day. Soups can be a very frugal dish to serve and are a nice way to use leftovers. Paired with a loaf of bread, it's a portable meal to bring to a sick friend or a new mom, and the variety is virtually endless! Perfect, right? (My added bonus is that soup is my son's favorite food and I could serve it pretty much every day.)

If you're interested in joining all the excitement* of National Soup Month, check back here throughout January. I'll have some information, some tips and tricks, and of course, some recipes.

To get you started, try one of these meatless Church Lady favorites from our archives:
*Okay, "excitement" may be a bit of an over-representation. But it is January in Minnesota - give me a break. J


Lucy said...

It's hardly tropical in Boston at the moment, so I've been trying out some recipes from Twelve Months of Monastery Soups.

Anonymous said...

That soup in the picture looks absolutely scrumptious! Which one is that?

Margaret Mary said...

It's the tomato basil and it is delicious!

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I'll have to try it out!