Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Patron Saints are here!

The home formed by Jesus, Mary and Joseph has always been regarded as a school of love, prayer and work. The promoters of this church wanted to set before the world love, work and service lived in the presence of God, as the Holy Family lived them.
[Pope Benedict XVI, Dedication of Sagrada Familia]

The custom of assigning patron saints is an old and venerable one. Some cultures and communities have done this before the First Sunday of Advent, others on the feast of the Epiphany. The last quarter of 2010 was a busy one for your Church Ladies, but we are glad to offer the drawing now.

2011's theme is the Celebrating the Family, in conjunction with the dedication of Sagrada Familia; saints are chosen randomly from within our master list. Please email us at psochurchladies(at)gmail(dot)com to receive a saint.

We are also happy to share the list so you can hold your own drawing with your school or family.