Monday, February 2, 2009

True Girls, True God ~Truly Gorgeous!

I was recently introduced to a fun resource for teen girls, TG! Magazine. From their site:

We are glad you are here. TG! magazine is a Catholic magazine for teen girls. Our target audience includes girls aged 12-18; but we have been known to have subscribers between 10 and 20 years of age.

On our cover, you will see the phrase True Girls, True God ~ Truly Gorgeous. Each issue will contain features with each of these three elements. We believe that with God all girls can be truly gorgeous. Click here to subscribe.

Look for articles on the beliefs of the Catholic church, profiles of positive role models, reviews of current & classic books, movies and music, advice, fashion, makeup and more. We will take a look at what we print through the lens of the Catholic faith.

Our models are not professionally trained; their photographs are not airbrushed. Our advertisers agree to adhere to modesty standards and they support Christian values. We strive to achieve a fun and wholesome publication that "trains them up in the way they should go" (adapted from Proverbs 22) and gives glory to God, our Father.
The issue I have features articles on a trip to Australia for World Youth Day along with contests, Saint stories, a Rosary reflection, and a regular feature called Ask Father Leo. It's a full color, glossy, bi-monthly publication that will likely appeal to the up-and-coming church ladies in your life. Consider supporting them by subscribing or advertising.

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Hi, just want you to know I really appreciate the work you put into this blog. I like to read it. Thank you!