Saturday, January 24, 2009


One of my most effective laundry tips is to liberally sprinkle Clorox 2 (dry bleach for colored fabrics) onto a stain, roll it up, get it thoroughly wet and set it in my washer to wait until laundry day. I've saved many things that way, most recently this piece of hardanger embroidery that was badly stored and stained. Since it's always prudent to start with the most gentle method and move up to the I've-got-nothing-to-lose point (usually bleach), I started with Woolite and then detergent. Neither worked at all on this.

It doesn't usually help with grease stains, but I've had lots of luck with other types.
Clorox 2 - Easy. Cheap. Effective.


Betty Beguiles said...

I've been searching for more effective stain removal techniques. I lose so many of my children's clothes to stains. Thank you so much! I can't wait to try this!

Margaret Mary said...

Good luck with it! I have another good whitening technique I'll post about later this week.

Lydia Purpuraria said...

Beautiful piece of Hardanger, did you make it?

Margaret Mary said...

I did. Thank you!