Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Coolest pub name EVER

The pub is located in the picturesque Cotswold village of Shutford, five miles west of Banbury. The stone building dates back to the thirteenth century, and is Grade II listed. The bar is quite unique in that when you order a pint you are actually twelve feet underground - the pub is built into the side of a hill, with the historic St. Martins church sitting above it. Legend has it that the pub is haunted by several ghosts, and is linked to the manor house by a secret tunnel built in smuggling days. [More information]
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FrB said...

Very cool!

Did you know that there's a church in Dublin named after a public house? The Franciscans have a church on Merchants Quay called Adam and Eve's. During times of persecution the Franciscans used to minister to the Catholics of Dublin from a secret church or masshouse which was entered by passing through the Adam and Eve public house. When they were able to build a public church on the site it retained the name of the pub!