Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Five Favorites: Meatless Meals for Kids

You can only do cheese pizza and macaroni so many times (though if you are doing macaroni, I can't recommend this one enough). So, here are five favorite Friday meals from the archives that are kid approved:

1) Sweet Potato Latkes
Crispy and fried are two favorite food groups in this house. Luckily, you're getting plenty of good nutrients from the sweet potatoes, too. Mix up a creamy dipping sauce and enjoy!

2) Enchiladas
We've posted lots of enchilada recipes over the years. The Roasted Vegetable enchiladas above are a bit adventurous, but it's hard to imagine an eater too picky for Three Cheese Enchiladas. The bean and rice options usually get gobbled up, too.

3) Pumpkin Ravioli
These sound a little exotic, but the flavors are pure comfort food. Let them help assemble, and they won't be able to resist.

4) Apples Au Gratin
The very idea of apples for dinner merits at least a taste, right? They'll be hooked after that.

5) Pasta Limone
An introduction to the world beyond mac and cheese. The creamy, lemony sauce keeps things simple, and you can easily stir in some sauteed vegetables to make this a complete meal.

Bonus: Lenten ideas for your lunchboxes.


tessyracheal said...

yummm... Just in time, i am on hunt for meatless meal recipes. Thank you

Thérèse said...

You're very welcome! There are plenty more where that came from in our archives!