Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Reminder: Buy Your Candles!

Just a reminder that this Saturday, February 2, is Candlemas, the day on which you can bring your household's candles to Mass to be blessed.  Stock up for the year!  Personally, I'd love to carry this into Mass, but once again, I'll probably restrain myself.

For the past few years, I've purchased Advent candles* in advance and had them blessed at this Mass.  Having a few sets on hand can help you assemble thoughtful wedding gifts throughout the year (I combine them with a crucifix or small piece of sacred art, and a bottle of holy water taken from the church where the wedding takes place or another significant church).

*I have yet to find a better source than Hobby Lobby for Advent candles.  My local store generally has the perfect pink and purple in stock, in multiple sizes.


Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the post on Candlemas. Now the trick is to find a parish that actually celebrates it. Mine doesn't. They seemed a bit taken aback even when I asked if there'd be blessing of candles this Saturday. Explaining that it was Candlemas didn't seem to clarify it for them. Oh well, someday I'll be able to get to a parish that knows what that is.

Mrs. N said...

Our parish is doing it for the first time this year, probably thanks to our new parochial vicar. I couldn't find unscented candles in advent colors anywhere(our Hobby Lobby isn't open yet) but did manage to find three purple pillars and a white one that are in very light scents at Home Goods.