Thursday, January 31, 2013

Citrus Roundup

  • America's Test Kitchen makes limoncello. Make it with whatever citrus you like (I did a batch with grapefruit last year). If you don't care to drink something quite that strong, it makes a great mixed drink with a bit of club soda. It takes four weeks to steep, so if you get it going in the next few, you can have some ready in time for Easter!
  • I made this pasta with Meyer Lemons again last Friday, and it was every bit as good as I remembered. This time around, I made it with basil pappardelle. 
  • Food in Jars has a great post on the general principles of making marmalade. I used the grapefruit jam  recipe she links to use up all the fruit from my grapefruit-cello, and it's truly amazing on English muffins. I'm planning on starting a batch of her blood orange marmalade tonight.
  • It's probably not on the docket for this year, but these Meyer lemon champagne preserves sound downright elegant.
  • The official drink of the Church Ladies is, of course, the gin and tonic, but variations on the theme are quite nice, too. I pulled a few blackberries out of the freezer last night for this cocktail, and used mint syrup left over from the summer's juleps.
  • This fashion-inspired cake is a real feast for the eyes in this grey weather.
So, what will you be doing with your citrus while it's in season?

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Margaret Mary said...

This looked pretty tremendous. I especially appreciate her recommendation to pick up the bag and inhale.