Monday, December 1, 2008


I have been asked to serve as a confirmation sponsor for a fellow Christian who will be received into the Church in a few weeks, making his First Communion and being confirmed. I am looking forward to sharing his faith journey.

Naturally, this occasion will be commemorated with a little gathering. I am thinking of incorporating a few of the Corpus Christi and Pentecost traditions (candles, scattered red rose petals to symbolize the tongues of fire, serving something that flew- chicken hotdish counts) in my decoration and menu.

However, I have to admit, I am a bit stumped for a gift. The confirmandee has an academic background and is well stocked with books and literature. One idea I was throwing around was a Nativity set- do you have any others?

Image source: Catholic Child's Picture Dictionary


Margaret Mary said...

A holy water font, beeswax candles, an Advent wreath, or a liturgical cookbook, (along with some kitschy treasure from your dear husband's collection) would be nice.

You could also add some origami doves to your theme decorations. :-)

Tim said...

A most awesome gift would be to recommend he take the most awesome confirmation name of the saint mentioned here.

I've recommended it to my son who will be confirmed next year. My wife isn't as pumped about it as my son and I am.

Roz said...

A copy of the Liturgy of the Hours? Or a subscription to Magnificat?

AnthroPax said...

I'd go for a large, good quality crucifix, one that it's not easy to forget about, or put away

drg said...

Guess it depends what you want to spend, but take it from this academic, a high-quality icon or a reproduction of a classic painting might be appreciated. That stuff can get pretty pricey if you don't want something chintzy, though.

A nice rosary and some time praying it with him? Some of my convert friends who were initially ambivalent about the rosary have come around big time on it after actually praying it call-response style a few times.

Or maybe a Criterion DVD of something with Christian roots/sensibilities? Or Into Great Silence?