Wednesday, June 11, 2014

More Thrifty Gifts for Fathers' Day

I was a little more pressed for time this year than Therese, and opted for the store-bought route.  However, I was pretty impressed with what I managed to put together for less than $10, and it tiered together very nicely when wrapped.

1. 2 jars of Nutella (on sale for $2.68 each, and an additional $1 manufacturer's coupon)

2.  Vintage hardcover edition of Quo Vadis ($4 at local antique mall)
Our boys are quite young, so my husband has plenty of time to prep for father-son reading!  I tucked in a copy of Auntie Leila's reading guide as well.  This is a theme I plan to repeat in future years- my husband's family favored fantasy and mystery books so he never read many classic adventure novels like The Swiss Family Robinson, Treasure Island, etc - a nice gift for Dad and the family library.

3. A cozy tartan robe ($2 at thrift store)
This is a perfect year round robe made of the softest cotton and was in like new condition.  Score!

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