Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lent for Children: A Thought a Day

Are you looking for a simple way to help your children grow in holiness this Lent? Take a peek at this Lenten devotional from 1951, scanned and reformatted for you to print today. These lovely meditations are the perfect length for children and are challenging enough that they won't feel patronized.
Today's, for example:
When the priest put ashes on your forehead yesterday, he reminded you (in Latin) that you are made of dust. But your body of dust is the less important part of the REAL YOU. As if this body were an old garment, you put it off for awhile and go alone to God. You will find God a loving Father if you loved Him and tried to please Him here; and some day you will put on again this same garment made gloriously new and beautiful.
Resolve today to show your love by spending a good Lent.

Say often through the day:
May I so live that I may be
Ready, dear Lord, when You call for me.
She also has Stations of the Cross cards here.
Thanks to Grace for the links.

UPDATE: The updated link with added artwork and quotes is here. Thanks for the correction Jennifer!

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Jennifer Gregory Miller said...

Thank you for the links and the kind words! I used Lent for Children and added artwork and quotes from the daily readings for a Daily display, which is updated here: