Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hint of the Day

It's easy enough to drop down to fix a stitch that's knit instead of purled. And this technique is great for fixing cables that are crossed the wrong way, but when you have to drop down more than a few rows, and with a six or eight stitch cable, how do you make sure you pick up all the ladders in the right order?

Reach in your medicine cabinet for your comb. The wider the teeth, the better. Start unraveling the cable stitches one row at a time, placing the big loop on to the comb teeth, starting from the outside in. Voila! All your ladders are in order and not tangled. Now cross your cable in the right direction, and insert the first (and smallest) ladder into the stitches. Then pick up all the stitches as you would an individual using a crochet hook and the remaining ladders/loops.

This just in from Ravelry: another use for your slow cooker.

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