Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

CHICAGO – says it’s time to use Earth Day to celebrate nature’s greatest gift – human life.

With bus ads starting today in Chicago and next week in San Francisco and Seattle, is encouraging Americans to rethink how they celebrate Earth Day, and how we to go about building a culture that respects the environment.

“Our goal is to use Earth Day to get Americans to think more deeply about what it means to truly respect the Earth and creation. Prevailing environmental attitudes too often view humans as the enemy of nature. We believe the human person is God’s greatest creation, and the Earth’s greatest resource. Building up a culture of life is the single most important way to build a culture that respects the environment,” said Brian Burch, President of Education Fund.

(I'm pretty sure this is too wide to embed well here, so click on the link above to see it properly. Or perhaps one of my fellow Church Ladies can come to my rescue, technically speaking.)

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