Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Episcopal Entertaining

The next time you find yourself entertaining the hierarchy- or want a POD touch to your dinner celebration of a bishop saint, like today's Charles Borromeo, or this Sunday's feast of the dedication of the Lateran, the site of the Holy Father's cathedra, consider folding your napkins into a bishop's mitre.

With lappets (the tails)

(image source)

A simplex version


Sara said...

I found this blog while searching for ideas for a liturgical new year party. I'd like to host something for the people in my RCIA class. Not being a church lady myself, I have no idea how to go about this sort of thing. Most of this year's class in young and fun, so I'd like the party to be the same. If you have any ideas to offer, I'd be extremely grateful! My email address is eternalthermos@gmail.com

Gianna said...

Hi Sara,
There's always the tradition of choosing patron saints for the year (the history of the tradition is explained here). As far as themed food, last year we (and by "we", I mean "Mary Liz") frosted a cake in the design of a liturgical calendar. If you think the group would be open to a party game, you could adapt this one, using different saints. Last year, we did a countdown to midnight (it *is* New Years, after all) and ended the party with night prayer.

Hope this helps!