Friday, January 4, 2008

A Church Lady Christmas

This Christmas, a few of your Church Ladies received a very thoughtful gift indeed. Having heard their laments that their local parish was sorely lacking in that staple of popular piety, the votive rack, the Brother of the Church Ladies decided to embark upon a little woodworking project (though perhaps not so little for a twelve year old!), so that at least their domestic churches would not be lacking in this area. Without further ado, I give you, the Home Altar Votive Rack!

(Shown above are three of the four racks made.)


anna maria said...

That is an amazing project for a 12 year old. Well designed, with a tasteful decorative motif. And how lucky you ladies were to receive it! I'm glad you posted, as I've been lurking and hoping that something new would be added. Love this blog!

Drew of the Holy Whapping said...

That is really cool!

Michael said...

Nicely done!
Wish I had one of those.